Apply for Membership

How do I apply for Membership?

How much are Membership Dues?

Annual Membership Dues are based on the company export strategy.

Additionally one time Registration Fee is charged to EACH NEW successful Alliance Applicant.

No other fees or commisions are charged during the Memebrship year.


Full Membership


Full members are producer companies that have at least one primary or significant sales organization.

Associate Membership


The Associate members provide goods or services to the Full members.

* EEAA Countries – countries where Alliance is active and can assist each member with the indicated services.

EEAA Countries:Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine.


Membership Criteria

  • Your company is an exporter or just thinking about exporting
  • You share the mission, values, and goals of the Alliance
  • You have an impeccable business reputation
  • You are ready to actively innovate in your business
  • You are ready to promote entrepreneurial activity

Why to Become a Member?

  • Find buyers and start exporting with Alliance
  • Grow and enlarge the presence of  your company in Eastern Europe
  • Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs
  • Out of politics
  • Unites independent agribusiness, regardless of the scale, geography of its activities
  • Advocates for innovation and opening of new markets for companies from Eastern Europe

Tasks of EEAA

  • Become the single most powerful voice of independent agribusiness in EU
  • Consolidate, represent and protect the interests of Alliance’s members in EU
  • Stimulate and support export and sales activities of Alliance’s members in EU
  • Create and develop marketing strategy for Alliance’s members