East European Agricultural Alliance: why does agribusiness create an independent organization in the EU?

“For the first time, it’s easier to do than to repeat success,” the organizers of the Polish-Ukrainian Agroforum say. And despite all they set ambitious goals with agri business – the development of Ukrainian-Polish relationship via agribusiness cooperationwith the help of East European Agricultural Alliance (EEAA)

EEAA independent organization is created by agribusiness, which aims to become a voice and representative of Ukrainian agri companies and whole agribusiness from Eastern Europe in the EU.

The challenges faced by the EEAA are an independent platform and reliable partner for Ukrainian companies in the EU, which will assist in expanded markets, provide operational legal and administrative support and analytical information.

Polish agribusiness was interested in two main questions: how to find reliable Ukrainian partners for cooperation and to have legal security in the run-up in Ukraine.

In turn, Ukrainian agribusiness was looking for a question on how to expand the markets for its products through Poland, through which mechanisms it is possible to check the reliability of potential partners and how to get additional financing starting its activity on the Polish territory.

Ilya Kravtsov, First Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland, presented analytical information on bilateral relations between the two countries and prospects for agro-food cooperation between the two states.

Tomas Sadowski, from the Agrarian University in Poland, explained in practical examples how subsidized agricultural financing in the EU is taking place, the impact of subsidies, and the changed profile of EU support programs for agriculture in Poland.

Representations of the Polish company Horeca GGZ introduced a platform that helps agro manufacturers find potential customers. Tomas Sadargo, owner of the company, also told about the prospects Ukrainian producers of agro-food products will receive not only on the territory of Ukraine but also in Poland – which enables Ukrainian products to reach the Polish consumer’s table.

The outcome of the Agroforum was the presentation of the East European Agricultural Alliance (EEAA) to Ukrainian agribusiness. During the presentation, the main issues of interest to Polish and Ukrainian agribusiness were two aspects: how the Alliance membership will expand the markets and how to find and obtain information on potential partners through economic development.