Commemorating the celebration this week of Youth Day, on August 12, the new generations, made up of millennials and Generation Z, are committed to sustainability, ecology and the environment, advocating for the fight against climate change and demanding solutions to the climate crisis of power.

Whether driven by the Greta effect or by an awareness of how urgent the change of model is, the truth is that this trend and young people’s social commitment are also influencing and modifying consumer habits. These two generations have understood the value of their individual responsibility to find a global solution to the planet’s problems.  

The results of a survey conducted by¬†Global¬†Webindex¬†show that¬†during¬†the¬†COVID-19¬†health crisis, 56% of respondents attached¬†particular importance¬†to¬†cutting down on¬†single-use plastics, reducing carbon footprints¬†and to companies¬†behaving¬†more sustainably.¬†The demographic profile of those concerned about the environment revealed that ‚Äú62% of Gen Z fall into this group, followed closely¬†behind¬†by 59% of millennials‚ÄĚ (Why the call for sustainability is now louder than ever). The same study concluded¬†that it is extremely important for these generations¬†to contribute to the community in which they live; to fight for equality; and that they are willing to pay more for sustainable and organic products.¬†

This dovetails with The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2020, which shows that in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, young people are expressing their desire for change and have modified their personal daily routines across the world to benefit the planet, including increasing consumption of organic and locally produced products. 

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In line with growing consumer demand for organic products, the number of farmers and the amount of organic agriculture is increasing. That is why our Memeber ‚Äď Tradecorp committed to R&D, providing solutions that encourage environmentally friendly farming through a portfolio of more than 50 products that are suitable for organic agriculture, and have been approved under different standards, such as CE, NOP and JAS and recognised by leading certification organisations, such as Ecocert, OMRI and FIBL.