Eastern European Agricultural Alliance urges all international businesses to stop cooperation with Russian business and the state over a sneaky and bloody war with Russia with Ukraine.

We urge all foreign companies to immediately stop operations in Russia, stop the purchase of goods and services in Russia, and also stop the supply of resources and goods to the aggressor country, which in the 21st century commits war crimes, killing civilians, in particular women and children, as well as terrorizes the whole world with a new nuclear disaster with the largest nuclear bombings power plants in Europe.

Continuing activities in an aggressor country and cooperation with Russian business of any foreign company will mean that international business earns money from financing the killing of innocent Ukrainians, in particular women and children. Such companies will be added to the lists of collaborators with the Nazist regime of Russia.

The time has come to tell the international community, in particular the socially responsible business – NO WAR, NO MURDERING UKRAINIANS!