Zosta艅 Cz艂onkiem zwyczajnym聽EEAA

Cz艂onkowie zwyczajni to s膮 firmy-producenci zaanga偶owani w produkcj臋 roln膮-przemys艂ow膮 oraz rolno-spo偶ywcz膮. Nasza sie膰 Cz艂onk贸w stowarzyszonych, sk艂ada si臋 z dealer贸w i dystrybutor贸w prowadz膮cych swoj膮 dzia艂ano艣ci stricte w bran偶y rolniczej. Dzi臋ki specjalistycznej wiedzy bran偶owej ekspert贸w Aliansu, mo偶esz zaoszcz臋dzi膰 czas i pieni膮dze, tworz膮c w szybki spos贸b i wysokiej jako艣ci sie膰 dealer贸w w regionie Europy 艢rodkowo-Wschodniej, kt贸ra pomo偶e Ci rozwija膰 biznes.

Korzy艣ci z Cz艂onkostwa Zwyczajnego

Potential markets and distributions channels

Our experts develop an in-depth analysis of member expectations and business profile to recommend a market entry strategy for a product category and provide a range of necessary information about the characteristics of the local distribution channels. We’ll find the the most suitable dealers or distributors among our Associate Members.

Local contacts

A safe market entry represents a major challenge.聽We work with diplomatic missions abroad to facilitate the selection and identification of potential business Partners and establish contacts with local authorities.

Discount for Exhibition Area

鈥婤enefit from Alliance positive relationships with local and international exhibition and fairs organisers to get discounts for your company.

Involvement in EEAA decisions

鈥婣ttend board of directors meetings, vote on initiatives and participate in committees that will help grow the Eastern European Agricultural Alliance.

Connect to the industry

鈥婲etwork with industry professionals from across CEE region and use the Alliance logo on your website to let others know you are a part of an elite group of equipment dealers.

Hot Line and Assistance

With the help of our Regional representatives and聽Product Stewardship Program聽we聽assist our members throughout the whole expansion process and much longer, developing and strengthening together dealership network.

A powerful voice

Benefit from our positive relationships with regional associations, manufacturers and government officials, with representation on a local, regional, national and international scale.

Up-to-date industry News

Be the first to hear about regulatory practices that impact your business through regular communication regarding advocacy efforts. Read about industry and association news and subscriptions to a weekly e-newsletter.

Business resources

Help your business grow with access to legal assistance, educational opportunities, marketing and promotional materials, research and technical support.

Eastern European Agricultural Alliance