As Putin’s attack on Ukraine continues, Russian troops are targeting food production, including farmers and their livestock.

To tell us more about this Jez Fredenburgh talks to Maksym Kryvonis, executive director of the Eastern European Agricultural Alliance (EEAA), which is based in Warsaw but has members across 10 countries in the region including Ukraine, told Farmers Guardian that Russia was now targeting agricultural production to weaken the country’s food security.

“The biggest problem right now is where Russian troops are –  some fields have mines, and there are already cases of farmers killed by mines because they cannot identity them,” aid Mr Kryvonis. “But farmers are so brave that they are [continuing to do] their usual activities [sowing their crops].

Whole farming businesses have also been targeted, including a dairy farm in the Chernihiv region where almost all the cattle were killed, added Mr Kryvonis.

The Farmers’ Union of Wales has stepped up its campaign to protect local producers by once more appealing to government and retailers to recognise the growing pressures the industry faces from the ongoing Russian war on Ukraine.

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