Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports increased by 19 percent in the first 9 months of the year compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 2 billion 15 million dollars.

According to the compilation made by the Mediterranean Exporters’ Associations (AKİB), the export of fresh fruits and vegetables, which was 2 million 463 thousand tons in the 9 months of last year, increased to 3 million 112 thousand tons with an rise of 26 percent in the same period of this year. In the export of fresh fruits and vegetables, which soared in terms of value as well as the amount, foreign sales of 1 billion 690 million dollars in the January-September period of 2020 were recorded as 2 billion 15 million dollars with an increase of 19 percent in the 9 months of this year.

In the sector, where the threshold of 2 billion dollars in foreign sales was exceeded in 9 months, fresh fruit was exported with a maximum of 945 million 125 thousand dollars. Fresh vegetables took the second place with 630 million 383 dollars and the citrus group took the third place with 427 million 29 thousand dollars. The most exported product of the sector in the January-September period was tomato with 264 million 759 million dollars. Tomato was followed by lemon with 184 million 30 thousand dollars and cherry-morello with 184 million 5 thousand dollars.

Source [Turkish Agri.News]

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