Russian agricultural exports increased in Tunisia by 6 times

Russian agricultural exports increased in Tunisia by 6 times – in January-July 2021, Russia exported 428 thousand tons of foodstuffs to Tunisia in the amount of $ 112 million.In physical terms, the volume increased 4.5 times compared to the same period last year, in value terms – 6 times. The leading position in the structure of shipments is occupied by […] Continue Reading

Our member – Tradecorp celebrates its 20th anniversary in the Baltic countries

Marc Andre, the initiator of Tradecorp’s business in the Baltic countries, in the interview that will remain in our memories. 1. How and when did you start working in Tradecorp? In 2000, I finished my mandate at NOR SK HYDRO (now YARA). At the time, Tradecorp had become part of SAPEC and they asked me to do a market study on trace elements and foliar fertilisers in […] Continue Reading

Wheat price rallied after WASDE

Last week, Russia’s 12.5% wheat prices in deep-sea ports increased by $18 to $286/mt. Prices rallied supported by huge cuts to global S&D in the WASDE report. August WASDE report was bullish. The global wheat stocks came out substantially below expectations – 279 mmt vs 288 mmt. Corn stocks were estimated at 285 mmt compared 288 mmt average trade guess. […] Continue Reading

Ukraine pork producers want to raise antibiotic-free pigs

The Association of Pig Breeders of Ukraine, with the support of FAO, prepares national standard in which new requirements for pork producers. The document suggests a refusal to use antibiotics in growing animals due to the fact that it can lead to resistance the population of the country to these medicines. However, a public opinion poll conducted by the company […] Continue Reading

USDA delivers bullish crop estimates for corn, soybeans wheat & cotton

Market reaction Ahead of USDA’s reports, corn futures were trading around a nickel lower, soybeans were 13 to 15 cents lower, wheat futures were mostly 3 to 6 cents higher and cotton futures were near unchanged. In reaction to the reports, corn futures are up 20 to 24 cents, with soybeans up 8 to 11 cents. Winter wheat futures are […] Continue Reading

Millennials and Generation Z, the shift towards responsible consumption of organic products

Commemorating the celebration this week of Youth Day, on August 12, the new generations, made up of millennials and Generation Z, are committed to sustainability, ecology and the environment, advocating for the fight against climate change and demanding solutions to the climate crisis of power. Whether driven by the Greta effect or by an awareness of how urgent the change […] Continue Reading

Zelensky signed the law 1649-IX on organic products: state support for farmers

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed the Law on Organic Products 1649-IX (5440) On Amendments to Section XI “Transitional Provisions” of the Law of Ukraine “On Basic Principles and Requirements for Organic Production, Circulation and Labeling of Organic Products”. This was reported by superagronom. The law legalizes international organic labeling for Ukrainian producers of organic products, guarantees state support […] Continue Reading

The President of Ukraine signed amendments to the law on pesticides and agrochemicals

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed the bill № 2289 on amendments to Art. 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On Pesticides and Agrochemicals”, which allows the import into Ukraine of prototypes of the latest plant protection products. Due to these changes, the import of samples of innovative plant protection products for scientific research and state tests is now […] Continue Reading

Eastern Europe is freeing millions of hectares for arable farming

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture wants to reclaim more than 5 million hectares of unused arable land for agricultural use over the next five years. In ten years this can even increase to 12 million hectares for arable farming. The ministry estimates the amount of unused arable land in Russia at about 19 million hectares. In recent years, approximately 1 […] Continue Reading